Tile Films - The Lost Ship and Captain Maygh

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Tile Films - The Lost Ship and Captain Maygh

Postby Tile Films » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:57 pm

Hi All

My name is Hugh and I am a production manager assistant at Tile Films( http://tilefilms.ie/),one of Ireland's leading documentary producers. I believe a lot of you are already familar with our work e.g " A Terribly Beauty" about Irish and English forces during the 1916 rising, "Saving the Titanic" about the engineers trying to keep the titanic afloat and "Cromwell in Ireland" a vicious docu-drama about about the iconic bogeyman of Irish History.

Tile Films is begining into it's next production. Tile Films have been granted access to Irish state's archaeological dig in Co.Donegal of a possible Spanish Armada wreck. Based on preliminary digs this is a very rich find. Tile Films is making a 90 minute feature documentary special for TG4 on the Spanish Armada focusing on the trial and tribulations of the Armada when they hit Irish shores. The dig and research into the wreck will provide the spine of the documentary.

While the ship is thought to Spanish Armarda, there is also a strong case that it might be a privateer ship from England. We are also exploring that side of the story and incorporating it into our documentary by following Capt Myagh. An irishmen who becomes a member of a privateer ship at a young age. Having risen through the ranks, Myagh becomes capt of his own ship and begins roaming the seas for spanish conquest. We follow him on his travels at sea as well as his home life.

We are looking to get a group of re-enactors to help recreate some drama scenes for us. More exact details of the shoot to follow. We would be looking to get people involved who have all the costumes, props and equipment as needed.

The period we are dealing with is from 1570 - 1630. (Spanish Armarda, Treaty of London, Flight of the Earls,....etc)

We aim to do a 2 day shoot on the 12th and 13th of October. Location TB

The reason I am putting this up here, is that I hope people could point me in the right direction to a company or group that might specialise in this area of history and be willing to do it.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and offering up any piece of info that you can.

Best regards


Hugh Noonan
Production Manager Assistant
The Lost Ship/'A Long Caillte
Tile Films
353 (0) 1 611 4646

Tile Films
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