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Battle group South 2014

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:58 pm
by rommel
I would like to just make a quick post and clarify a few misunderstandings and untruths floating around at present .
Battle group South is still alive and well despite what some people are saying rightly or wrongly due to misinformation . WE have indeed recently split and a new group of more junior , younger more energetic members have separated amicably to start a new group called BGC , battle group centre , their aim is to do more battle reenactments and outdoor training, and a more formal set up club etc and we wish Battle group centre well with this .

The original members founding members of battle group south are still alive and well and running battle group south , Myself Joe O Toole , Justin Horgan , Noel Mac , Ben and the more senior members of BGS like Dave , Jens , James and a few newer men are indeed still BGS . It is our aim to pursue a more different role more closer to what the club was founded on by us first day , original vehicle restoration , living history displays and public engagements ,, film work and social group for travelling with the vehicles and friendships .
In recent years as the club got too big to quick we seemed to have been pulled down too many avenues of pursuit and got away from our first love , the vehicles and living history displays .

We will be returning to this in 2014 bigger and better than ever . Our aim is to get our 5 outfits and 4 solo bikes and truck and a lot of our gear to most of the shows next with a nice living history display on show wit5h our members under no pressure as things had become in recent years with big logistics .A return to old loves and values . Were getting a bit grey and creaky to be running around the woods and battle fields unless mounted on our bikes and out fits .

WE will be doing a few private tactical weekends, on the vehicles ,and keeping the hand in at that for few of our younger lads .Also we have 2 films we will be working on in spring and next Autumn involving our vehicles and ourselves .

Our commitment to the museum in Duncannon is also in the forefront of our existence and we will be driving forward with this in 2014 , Feb - June to get phase 2 up and running , the Irish history section .BGS has been and will be committed to this for the future and our results can be seen on the battle group south facebook site and the Duncannon fort site .

Battle Group South have our webs site still up and we have since set up a new facebook site which is more current and a good way to keep up on what's happening for the year ahead . We are moving into the 21st century now so watch the facebook is my advice .
Lastly we will be going to Normandy as a club as we have done for many years for the D Day commemorations the first week in June . We aim to take 12 members and 6 vehicles .

The Duncannon show will be on as usual this year 2014 and as one of the main organisers myself , I look forward to seeing all there as has been the case over the years . We aim to promote the show this year more on a living history show and we will be encouraging new groups big or small to attend , all welcome . I will post separately in the events page in Jan on this with more info etc . June bank holiday weekend .

If anyone feels they need more info or needs clarification on things please contact me directly, It puts an end to speculation and false rumour and misinformation and more importantly defamatory statements etc
Finally I and BGS wish battle group centre well in their new endeavours in the future and good luck in their pursuit of the hobbyin the way they want to do it , and we will be doing things our way and please God the country is big enough for everyone and hopefully all these groups combined at events will be good for the hobby and public shows in the long run

Joe O Toole
Battle group South

Re: Battle group South 2014

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:19 pm
by PanzerMeyer
Yes , BGS have not gone away as claimed by some but have gone back to their original roots . Buying and restoring original German WW2 vehicles and enjoying using them . 2014 will be a new start for BGS and we will be attending as many shows as possible with our vehicles and meeting old and new friends . :D

Re: Battle group South 2014

PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:26 pm
by Warfreak4290
Nice to know you guys are still going strong. By the way Joe, have you ever thought about acquiring something in the way of light armor? E.g: Armoured cars or something?

Re: Battle group South 2014

PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:26 pm
by PanzerMeyer
Hi Warfreak , thanks for your post . Yes , we are as strong as ever and looking forward to 2014 . Our main focus is on a German WW2 Krad kompanie which uses mainly German WW2 motorbikes , Kubelwagens and Schwimmwagens . We do not need armour or use it as this is not in our field of interest . We can use our motorbikes on a daily basis and drive around the roads of Ireland without bother :D

Re: Battle group South 2014

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:27 am
by rommel
Armour is great especially WW2 German , but its specialised , transporting , maintaining and above all running armoured vehicles is specialised, very specialised , if a person was to have armour then they would be best to set up a club around that vehicle or vehicles and focus that club on getting those vehicles to shows , displays , reenactments etc and that group would be best to focus on running and maintaining the vehicle / vehicles . I seen some groups in Uk/ US who had a replica tiger or half tracks etc and the group was built around those vehicles then .

If like us our group specialised in kradschutzen / aufklarung . (light recon) vehicles then we are better to keep focused on the bikes / sidecars and light vehicles , easy to move around , easy at times to maintain , cheap enough to run and like us we use them for weekends , touring , spins and film work . No major headaches , they can be trailered to shows or ridden and we get real use from them .Big differenc when it comes to having big heavy trailers and big pulling vehicles , Next time your at a show ask any of the guys who have armour and im sure they know better than anyone the huge logistics of it all and the cost factor , its a labour of love ..

We tried mixing it with light and heavy vehicles for years and in the end it became a huge logistical headache . I have an armoured french vehicle , Panhard AML60 , heavy , about 5 miles to a gallon , so its expensive to move and requires alot of heavy work when problems arise so take it from me ,we have seen all sides of vehicles light and heavy .

So thats the thing with armour versus light vehicles , it speaks for itself , Go light or go heavy , but dont mix it :)