A new find - Revninge woman amulet + casting

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A new find - Revninge woman amulet + casting

Postby Janek » Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:39 pm

Hey guys!

A bit of news and a bit of advertising! In May 2014 in Denmark, Revninge - there was a new discovery of a woman (or man - still not confirmed) gilded silver figurine. Please see the articles below.
As I am slowly building up a collection of items to be cast in either bronze or silver, I immediately started working on a model of this figurine too. I will open a small internet shop in two months time.
I avoid sculpting the typical Birka/Hedeby mix you can find on every website selling replicas of 9th, 10th cent. jewelry.

This figurine is the first finished product and is ready to be molded and cast. Please note it´s only a silver paint on the model, so you can see the details better.
I will start casting the items in July and have them ready in the end of July. At the same time when the website will go live.

The size is 47x21x14mm and it will be available in bronze for 30e and in silver for 50e. I accept bank transfer, Paypal or cash (Dublin area) before the casting starts. I will send you an email confirming the payment. If you pay cash, I will give you a signed receipt. Should I for any reason not be able to deliver the goods to you, the payment is 100% refundable, which will also be stated in email/receipt.

I may be able to offer gilded silver figurine as the original is but it´s still not 100%.

Please contact me only through email: honza.bana@gmail.com This is the best way to keep all emails sorted and all requests answered to. I will be happy to read any opinions and critique or your suggestions what to sculpt next!

Thank you!


My model:

Image Image

And the original:



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