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Re: Shield of Aodh O Conor

Postby kevin714 » Sat May 14, 2011 8:40 pm

Stephen Curtin wrote:
kevin714 wrote:That is more in line to what I was thinking. What do you think of the historical claims and accuracy of these targes? ... targes.htm

AFAIK these targes are not based on any surviving pieces, and were just made as a sort of tribute to prehistoric figures e.g. Conn of the hundred battles. I still think that a heater would be a better fit for Aodh O Connor's shield, but its possible that shields like the ones in the above link were used in the 15th century as a transitional style from heater to targe, this is just speculation on my part though. For what its worth I really like MacIntyre's targes and have thought about getting him to make me one someday, whether they are historically accurate or not.

Do you have a contact for MacIntyre? I would like to have him make me a targe also but don't know how to contact him. I tried through that website once and never received an answer. Have you ever asked him if he had any historical sources for his work?
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